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Corneal Shaping Myopia Control

Proudly serving the eye care needs of the Mobile, Alabama area for nearly 25 years.

Imagine the feeling of awaking in the morning, free of needing eyeglasses and contact lenses to see great for the rest of the day! Dr. Jackson is a specialist in corneal shaping / ORTHOK for all ages, and myopia control for kids, serving Mobile, Alabama and Baldwin County.

Contact lenses for Corneal Shaping, the modern term for orthokeratology, are inserted at bedtime and worn overnight while you sleep. High oxygen transmission gas permeable lens materials have made this gentle shaping to correct vision while you sleep, possible for all ages. Overnight treatment. Daytime freedom!

Imagine your waking hours seeing great with NO eyeglasses or contact lenses without having LASIK surgery!

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What Is Ortho-K?

Through the night, the Corneal Shaping lenses allow micron level changes to the front surface of your eye (the cornea) using fluid dynamics of the tear film along with the contact lens to correct your vision.

As a result of this tear fuild dynamic on the corneal epithelium while you sleep, you can see great without glasses or contact lenses through the next day, in most cases. Six to eight hours of lens wear during sleep is required for best results.

Sleep...Shape....See....all day without eyeglasses or contacts! We can even correct distance and near vision for adult patents.

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Is Myopia Control Possible With Corneal Shaping?

Current research shows that children who undergo the Corneal Shaping (Orthokeratology) treatment experience a slower progression of myopia than children wearing either conventional contact lenses or eye glasses.

Myopia is a growing concern with eye doctors as it significantly increases the risk of long term eye health risks. Ortho K or Corneal shaping is considered the most effective method of slowing down the progression of Myopia.

If you are a parent, you definitely want this for your child. The earlier we can start this for your child, the better!

Who Is A Candidate For Corneal Shaping?
  1. Children (ages 6-18) for myopia control, or near-sightedness.
  2. Adults (age 19-65) who want to be free of daytime eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  3. Patients looking for an alternative to LASIK surgery.
  4. Patients who have difficulty wearing contact lenses in the daytime because of dry eyes or allergies.
  5. People whose work requires clear vision without glasses or contacts (Police, construction)

ORTHO-K is Also For Adults!

How Long Does Corneal Shaping Take?

You will see some improvement in your vision after a day or two of overnight lens wear.  For lower corrections, full correction may take less than a week. For higher corrections, it can take several weeks, or more, for the full effect to be experienced.

During this time, your vision will not be as clear as it was with glasses or contacts, and you are likely to notice some glare and halos around lights.  It's possible you may need a temporary pair of eyeglasses for certain tasks, like driving at night, until your vision is fully corrected by the Corneal Shaping lenses.

We will make the appropriate recommendations based on what you experience.  We do recommend a second pair of lenses for every patient since losing or breaking a lens can set you back visually if you have to wait for a replacement lens to be made and shipped to you.

What Is The Process?

What results can you expect from Corneal Shaping?

The goal for Corneal Shaping is to correct your vision so you can go without eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day.

In FDA trials, more than 65% of patients were able to achieve 20/20 visual acuity after wearing the shaping lenses overnight for a period. More than 90% were able to see 20/40 or better (the legal vision requirement for driving without glasses in most states).

Is Corneal Shaping comfortable?

Some people from Mobile have comfort issues when attempting to wear any kind of contact lens during the day, including gas permeable contact lenses due to allergy and dry eye issues that are common here. Since Corneal Shaping lenses are worn during sleep, comfort and lens awareness are generally not a problem.

Remember, Corneal Shaping works by fluid dynamics on the cornea, not pressure from the Corneal Shaping lens itself.  There is always a fluid layer between the lens and the cornea while you sleep.

How Much Does Corneal Shaping Cost?

Corneal Shaping is a treatment process, not simply purchasing pair of contact lenses. The process is a significantly longer process than a regular contact lens fitting. It requires a series of office visits, generally 3 or 4 visits the first month, and potentially multiple pairs of lenses.  The cost for this treatment starts at $575 per eye including the lenses and all regularly scheduled visits for 90 days.

Second pairs and lost or damaged lenses are not included in this fee.  Lenses last from 12-24 months for most patients.  Sometimes a lens can last 1 - 4 years, barring loss, prescription change, or breakage. A spare lens or replacement lens is as low as $249 per lens.  So, the cost per year is not much different than wearing daily disposable contacts wihtout the daytime hassle.

Our practice in Mobile, AL offers Care Credit for financing and many Flexible Spending accounts allow for this expenditure. Check with your plan administrator.  Call our office for more information and a no obligation evaluation for suitability determination.  251 470 8844.  Ask for an appointment with Dr. Jackson for a corneal shaping evaluation.

Can I have LASIK after Corneal Shaping?

Yes, we have patients that have had LASIK surgery in their early adult years after wearing Corneal Shaping lenses for many years. Because these specialty lenses temporarily reshape your cornea, you must stop wearing the lenses for a period of time (usually several months and varies by power corrected) so your eyes can return to their original shape and stabilize.  Be sure to tell your LASIK surgeon that you've worn Corneal Shaping lenses, so they can advise you how long you should wait before having the surgery.

Why Choose Corneal Shaping With Dr. Jackson?

Dr. Jackson is fully trained to offer Corneal Shaping, has multiple manufacturers of corneal shaping lenses available for best results, and is a member of the Orthokeratology Academy of America.

Due to the investment in time for training and resources necessary to successfully treat patients using corneal shaping lenses, most doctors do not offer this modality of vision correction.