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Presbyopia and Multifocal Contacts In Mobile AL

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Presbyopia In Mobile Alabama

As we age, our eye sight naturally weakens making reading and focusing on small objects difficult. While reading glasses or holding the object further away are an option, there are better options available. Our eye doctor in Mobile AL, offers comprehensive eye exams for Presbyopia as well as progressive lens glasses and multifocal contacts.

Multifocal contacts are the solution if you want comfortable, natural-feeling, and highly-effective multi-focus vision. They are often the preferred choice with patients who are new to wearing glasses and are uncomfortable with the look and feel of reading glasses or progressive lens glasses.

Another option for getting rid of glasses are Corneal Shaping contact lenses which you wear while you sleep.


What Happens As We Age

As we age, our ability to focus on nearby objects deteriorates. Basically, the lens of the eye hardens in a way which shifts light behind, rather than directly on the retina. This condition, referred to as presbyopia, is very common, developing to some extent in just about all of us as we get older. It makes it more and more difficult to focus on objects close to the eye which makes reading books or small print very difficult. Fortunately, Presbyopia can be diagnosed and treated easily with corrective lenses in the form of contacts or glasses.

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Multifocal Contact Lenses

If you want to enjoy your active lifestyle as you always have, multifocal contacts are the best option. These contact lenses provide specialized vision correction that's comfortable, convenient, and non-intrusive. What multifocal contacts do is similar to what progressive lenses or bifocals do but with all the advantages of contacts. There are many variations of multifocal configurations, so you most people will be able to be fitted with something that works for their vision needs, including astigmatism.

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Reclaim Your Eyesight

If you've been diagnosed with presbyopia, or think you may have it, make an appointment with us. Dr. Gregory Jackson offers world class specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of Presbyopia and other refractive conditions. Once we ascertain your specific diagnosis and prescription, we'll get started matching you with the best treatment solution to suit your needs.

Book an appointment today and see the world. Again.

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Dr. Gregory Jackson OD.

Our optometrist Dr. Jackson is proud to offer advanced medical eye care in Mobile AL. Dr. Jackson is passionate about the advances in contact lenses over the past 10-15 years.

“In the past as we aged we turned to reading glasses to enable us to read small print. While they do the job well, they also create a situation where we are projecting on our face a symbol that we are aging. For a lot of people this created an uncomfortable feeling about readers. Today with the advances of contact lenses there are special contacts that have multiple distances of vision allowing you to see the small print while feeling great.”

In addition to contact lenses for presbyopia, Dr. Jackson provides contact lens fittings in Mobile for hard to fit contact lenses and OrthoK contact lenses for Myopia control.

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Our Optometrist provides advanced medical eye care, using the latest technology to provide the highest quality care along with the most advanced treatment options.

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