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Mobile's First Choice For Emergency Eye Care


Dr. Gregory Jackson and the team at Mobile’s Premier Medical Eye Group offer the most advanced care for all types of eye emergencies. Whether you have experienced sudden vision loss, something stuck in your eye, a scratched eye, an eye infection or any other emergency we are here to help. With convenient hours and EMERGENCY WALK-INS WELCOME. We are proud that our practice was chosen by many of the leading Urgent Care facilities in Mobile as the provider of emergency eye care.

Welcome to Premier Medical Eye Group, Mobile AL’s leading urgent care facility for eye emergencies. Our eye doctor, Dr. Gregory Jackson, uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat eye infections (pink eye) , corneal abrasions (scratched eye), foreign body (something stuck in the eye), eye pain, bleeding eyes, eye trauma, eye pressure, stye, and much more. Dr. Jackson is the preferred eye doctor for many of Mobile’s Urgent Care facilities.

In the event of an eye emergency we recommend calling our practice at (251) 450-8855 or visiting, Walk Ins Welcome!

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Gregory Jackson

Dr. Gregory R. Jackson

Dr. Greg Jackson grew up on the coast of Alabama in the city of Mobile. He has resided in Mobile his entire life except for his undergraduate and professional training.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. He attended the University of Alabama at...

Eye Emergencies In Mobile

Eye Infections

An eye infection is a common eye emergency. While certain kinds of eye infections will go away on their own, other types of eye infections are highly contagious and greatly aided with antibiotics. Our Eye Doctor recommends visiting an eye doctor to asses the infection and if needed provide a prescription.

Foreign Body Removal

We have all experienced the discomfort of removing things stuck in our eye. While dust and dirt usually is removed by flushing your eye with running water, in many cases the item stuck in your eye proves harder to remove. In the event where your attempts to remove the stuck item are unsuccessful, visit us for an emergency eye exam.

Corneal Abrasions

One of the most common eye emergencies seen by our eye doctor is corneal abrasions/scratch to the eye. There are countless ways one may scratch their eye, and most heal quickly, however because of the possibility of infection,it is recommended by our eye doctor to visit for an emergency exam as soon as possible.


A stye is a pimple in the eye caused by bacteria, styes are generally accompanied by swelling and pain. In most cases the stye will clear up in a few days. Your can apply a warm compress to speed up the healing time. Because some pimples in the eye are not a stye, such as Chalazia, in the event your bump/pimple remains for more than a few days schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.

Serious Eye Emergencies

In the event of a serious eye emergency such as chemical spills to the eye, and a deep wound to the eye you should call us right away or visit an emergency room. Sudden losses of vision, sudden flashes of light, intense eye pain, strong eye pressure may all be serious and should be seen by an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Looking for an Optometrist in Mobile, AL?

Our optometrist has years of experience treating all types of vision issues and general eye care. At Premier Medical Eye Group in Mobile AL, we are committed to providing the most Advanced Technology which allows us to provide unparalleled care for:

  • Eye emergency care
  • Eye exams and contact lens exams
  • Myopia control-OrthoK
  • Management of eye diseases
  • Allergies and dry eye treatment
  • Co-Management of eye surgery/lasik