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Ortho-K Will Get Your Vision in Top Shape!

A Revolutionary Alternative to Eyewear and Surgery

Do you like wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses? If your answer is a resounding “No”, it’s time to explore the benefits of orthokeratology (nicknamed ortho-k). Worn throughout the night, ortho-k vision shaping will help you see crisp and clear without eyewear during the daytime.

Dr. Gregory R. Jackson is highly qualified and experienced with ortho-k, and he’ll meet with you in his Mobile, AL, office to determine if you’re a good candidate for this innovative vision correction. In general, all patients with mild to moderate myopia will achieve remarkable results from vision shaping. No matter if you’ve been wearing eyeglasses for one year or 30 years, ortho-k can work for you!


What is ortho-k?

Enough with all the hype, now it’s time to explain orthokeratology and what it does. Ortho-k involves wearing rigid, gas permeable contact lenses overnight while you sleep. These specialized lenses gently reshape and mold your cornea temporarily, thereby correcting any refractive error that is causing nearsightedness (myopia). The effects usually last for one to two days, which is why ortho-k lenses must be inserted nightly before going to bed.

Who can use ortho-k?

In sum - anyone with myopia who wants to have sharp vision without the inconvenience of eyeglasses or contact lenses, or the invasive procedure of refractive surgery.

Ortho-k is particularly appreciated by nearsighted people who play sports and are tired of the nuisance of eyeglasses, as well as those who spend a lot of time in dusty, dry environments and cannot wear contact lenses comfortably. Pilots, police officers and firefighters also rave about the advantages of ortho-k corneal refractive therapy.

Age makes no difference, kids and adults can wear ortho-k contacts. Children have the added plus of using vision shaping as an effective means to control myopia progression. If you have healthy eyes and nearsighted vision, ortho-k can improve your quality of life! Contact Dr. Gregory R. Jackson to book a professional eye exam and fitting for ortho-k lenses in Mobile.

What is the fitting process for ortho-k lenses?

A series of visits to our Mobile office is typically needed to confirm your accurate prescription. Ortho-k contact lens fittings are more complicated than measuring for normal contacts, and a number of trial lenses may be required until the perfect pair is identified. Rest assured, with Dr. Jackson’s expert knowledge and gentle touch, the whole process is efficient and painless.

Are there any complications or side effects from vision shaping?

Ortho-k, a well understood optometric technology, has been proven safe and is entirely pain-free. At the very beginning, some minor side effects may be noticed, such as seeing halos around lights or glare. However, these problems disappear very quickly, and significant vision improvement is usually reported within a few days after starting to sleep with the lenses. A few weeks later, the total, extraordinary impact of ortho-k is typically experienced.

Nothing beats seeing with your own eyes!  To experience ortho-k and free yourself from daytime eyewear, we invite you to reserve a consultation with Dr. Jackson, in Mobile, AL